The 2023 course has now finished. Details of the 2024 course will be publicised in early 2024. Please click below to be added to the mailing list to be kept up to date on any news.

Course Description

This is an online course focusing on methods for analysing equity in the distribution of health programme costs and effects and trade-offs between equity and cost-effectiveness. The course is aimed at health economists and health professionals with experience of health economic evaluation, who wish to learn how to use more specialised methods for analysing distributional equity impacts and trade-offs. It is designed for participants who are familiar with standard methods of cost-effectiveness analysis, for example those who have already attended our short courses in Decision Modelling for Health Economic Evaluation. It is envisaged that participants will currently be undertaking cost-effectiveness analysis, or planning to do so in the near future. The course consists of five modules over five weeks, with each module requiring about four or five hours of time commitment for self-paced study and online interaction – about one and a half hours for pre-recorded video material, one hour for a computer exercise, one hour for attending a ‘live’ Q&A session, and one or two hours for reading and discussion board interaction - totalling 20 to 25 hours altogether.

How It Works

The video lectures/exercises for each module will be released on the dates specified in the first column of the timetable below. You can then work through these in your account at any time you wish. The second column indicates how much time you should expect to dedicate to this. For each module there will be a one-hour live Q&A session with senior faculty and tutors; this is the only fixed-time component and will take place on the dates shown in the third column of the timetable. The main "live" Q&A sessions are from 1pm to 2pm UK time on Fridays, which allows participation from Europe, Africa, South America and at least some of North America and Asia. Due to popular demand, we will now also run a further set of "live" Q&A sessions from 7.30am to 8.30am for people in time zones substantially ahead of the UK (e.g. East Asia, Australia and New Zealand). You do not need to attend both live sessions; you should pick the one that suits you best. The live sessions will comprise a mix of plenary discussion and small group discussion in Zoom breakout rooms, with rooms rotated to give everyone the opportunity to meet everyone else. Do not worry if you are unable to attend every live session; the plenary sessions will be recorded. Furthermore, in addition to the live Q&A sessions, there will be a discussion board available on the course platform, where you can post general and module-specific questions and comments for tutors, the course leader, and fellow participants. Students are encouraged to keep up with the timetable where possible as tutor support is only available during the timetabled dates.


Unfortunately, the 2023 course is now fully booked. To be added to the waiting list, please email [email protected]. There are no confirmed dates for when the course will run again after October 2023, but this will likely be in autumn 2024.